Question - Audit Planned Start date and expiration issue (naming)

I would like to open a topic regarding Internal Control - Audit’s Expiration status.
As far as I know the current function of eramba is, that the Expiration status of IC-Audit is set when the Planned Start date is in the past. By my opinion, the Internal Control should be marked as expired in case it is not done before required date (and Planned Start cannot be used as the finish date in principle).
I think there should be possible to set other date until when the control must be finished, or it is possible to use a Planned Start date of next Audit as a trigger for Expiration of the previous one.
You can see it in your demo environment IC - DMZ Firewall Reviews. There are audits with planned start 2021-10-24- Expired. It is correct because the next one is also in the past 2021-11-01. But this one is also expired even those the next Audit is planned in the future 2022-10-24.
It also impacts eramba dashboard. Internal Control is moved under Expired task day after Planned Start date even it is the date when I should start the control.

Or I missed something and I use it wrong?

I would really appreciate any feedback.
Have a nice day
Tomas Varhol

Hi Tomas,

I had the same “problem” in one of our implementation, in my case the client was happy after renaming “planned start” to “due date”.


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Yes, it is one of the possible ways I also have in my mind. Thanks for sharing.

You can add dates using custom fields , then you can create a custom dynamic status to show when that date is reached or not. you can then create notifications…so i think is possible to do what you need using the features mentioned above.

in eramba, this is meant to be what you call “finish date” , you can also use custom fields to rename things … i think Jorge mentions this above

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