Question - Awareness Groups in AD (Closed)

Would it be possible to amend the system to be able to dynamically detect changes in AD Group Membership ? For example we have an AD group membership used at the moment for an awareness program, however once the awareness program is created if there is additions to the LDAP group used for it the changes are not shown/picked up in the awareness program

The thinking behind this would be our Security Awareness Program would have users added it to it all the time e.g. new starters . At the moment it would seem that if we need the program to pick up on the new user in the group we need to delete the program and recreate it

eramba looks for changes on the AD groups under awareness programs, if someone joins or left “stuff” is recalculated. Did not work for you?

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Would this be done as part of the cron ?

Correct is done during the night. I’ve updated our documentation including this mechanism.
Thanks John

OK I am away from our systems today so I will have a look first thing tomorrow to see how we look now. Thanks for coming back to me


Sure, have a look on the system records of the awareness trainings, you should have details of what happened there.

Users have been updated and the user who were added to the program have also mailed. It would seem the cron is king in erambaville

Thanks for your help … Please go ahead and close off the issue


he he he, yesterday a guy called us “The little Archer” … now “erambaville” ! this is getting fun

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