Question - Best practices for old assets

Hello everyone,

I was wanting to know how others are handling old assets within eramba?

We have a number of assets that are being removed from service, however, I’d like to be able to keep the asset records for reference should there be any future issues or queries around that asset.

The asset in question is an application that contained confidential information, as such if a breach or such is identified after the asset is removed from service, I will have all the audit records still available.

As I type this, it could be achieved by the use of labels, however, I’m still interested in how others are handling these assets.


we believe that eramba should reflect the reality of your organisation and its maturity, so what is not doing nothing it should go away. options:

  • create a custom field with some kind of status “old, current” and then adjust your default filters to exclude “old items” (you wont see them anymore)
  • trash them

our 2p