Question - Can't add more than 2 thresholds to risk appetite

Hi all !

I’m trying to define a risk appetite using thresholds. I have a default threshold and have added 2 more thresholds. But when i try to add a third threshold, it seems to go allright when i click on the update button but when i go back to the risk appetite setting menu the third threshold has replaced the second one …
So for now i can’t add more than 2 thresholds …

Have you experienced such behaviour ? (i’m using last update)

Thank you very much !


hello lionel,

that is by design as thresholds are “two-dimensional” so you can represent things like this:


we dont support (not sure it exists) “three-dimensions” … you can read more about this on the risk documentation:

and then here


and on this forum: Features - Risk Management / Risk Appetite (planned for r46)

and at any of our online trainings (the next session isnt great for eu residents as its holidays here).

let me know if this helps


I have had the same issue in the Community Edition - I have not yet installed the Enterprise version (I am new to Eramba). I think this is a bug - as I seem to recall from the docs that all combinations of likelihood/impact should be defined with what color they have. To me it is only possible to add a default value (green of course…) and one more level (like high/high) - but then I do not get any other value. Adding this directly in the database solves this, and is probably faster than adding 16 values in the interface. Or I might have misunderstood this feature completely.

hello - yes, it was a bug but fixed some time ago (not on community, just enterprise)

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