Question - changing default filter for all users or groups

Is there a way to uncheck the default ‘All items’ filter and replace it with another filter set as a default index for either:

  • all users
  • select groups?

Reason: I want to provide a more compressed view than ‘All Items’ offers. Any changes I make to sorting in ‘All items’ (e.g. descend based on risk score) isn’t reflected to all users.

Also… is there a way to force column ordering for a filter for all users?

Same as my previous post. I create a filter for all users but I want the columns ordered in a particular way. I order it as an admin. Another user opens and it is default column ordering.

This is because the filter is a system filter, create a filter with the setitings you like (including sorting), make it default index and you will see it will show to all users. Now remember that if users have permissions to modify filters (you can limit that with access lists) the could modify its settings.

Nope, filter settings where made on purpose per user per filter

Thanks for clarifying. :+1: