Question - Community Version Virtual Machine template

Our organization began using the Community version, before upgrading to the Enterprise version of eRamba. Our current eRamba VM is deployed from the Community version virtual machine template, which has an LVM of 20GB. We’ve been using eRamba extensively and have quickly exceeded this storage threshold. Our IT teams have extended our available storage space, but they are unable to extend the volume within the eRamba Community virtual machine image. Has anyone ever encountered this and successfully resolved the issue? At this rate, our eRamba server runs out of space on a daily basis and begins to prevent users from accessing the application. Are there options available to us?

im not a linux expert but i dont think expanding your underlaying vmware disk will lead to a change on the actual filesystem, this is not lvm so i have doubts that will help you “expand” the partition…i might be wrong tough…i know there are many good linux people here maybe someone can clarify.

20gb is a lot of space for ubuntu, you might want to try find what directory is eating space:

root@ip-172-31-3-146:/# du -h --max-depth=2

you can grep M or G to focus on the large ones …

du -h --max-depth=2 | grep M
du -h --max-depth=2 | grep G

ubuntu has a tendency for storing old kernels and that eats a lot of space, if your linux admin updated the system the old kernels will be there and by “purging” it should free a lot of space…

sudo apt --purge autoremove

but again … all these are things someone with some linux skills should do to make sure nothing is broken