Question - Eramba not able to detect wkhtmltopdf

I have just done a fresh installation of Eramba and seems like it is not able to detect the default location of wkhtmltopdf tool. I checked it in the backend and the location is the same, ‘/usr/local/bin/wkhtmltopdf’. Tested the tool on the system and it seems to work fine but Eramba is not able to detect it.

Exact Error:

“An error occurred while we tried to generate a test pdf - the configured path or the library is wrong, please review the installation.
We use third-party software ( to produce reports, please make sure you include the full path to the binary that software uses to generate PDF documents.”

Please help.

Hello and welcome on eramba forum. We have install troubleshooting documentation which explain most common problem with wkhtmltopdf library here:
Can you have a look?