Question / feature - Awareness Program emails queued issue (ongoing)

Users completed all trainings, but emails were queued for each program when training went live. I guess it is an error by design that the emails are sent out with hourly cron jobs that do not check if a user have already finished that training.

I ran into the same issue.
I have created two Trainings for all employee.
After a employee recieved the Invitation mail for the first Training he clicked on the link, and passed both Trainings at once.
After some hours he recieved the Invitation for the second Training since this was still in the E-Mail-Queue.
I had to explain this to many People today.



Perhaps you can customize the body of the email to give heads up about this possible situation? or we could let you define the messages shown on the portal when people logs in and all is completed?

to be honest we dont want to touch the logic of the awareness module much as it would require a ton of testing and now we are trying to focus %100 on the new template.


Up to now this is okay.
I have already informed my Peers about this issue und will put that Information in further notifications.