Question - Incomplete GDPR Analysis dynamic status

Happy New Year everyone!

Can someone explain how the INCOMPLETE GDPR ANALYSIS system status is triggered?
We use Data Assets, enable GDPR analysis and add in the Data Asset Flows as required, the flows are all completed, but we still see the INCOMPLETE GDPR ANALYSIS system status showing… are we missing something that the system thinks we haven’t completed the analysis correctly?

Note: I have been through the training and searched the forum, but there is no mention of requirements for the GDPR ANALYSIS status to be completed.

I believe statuses are updated with the hourly cron - has it magically fixed itself yet?

No David, still the same!

I was about to tell you to look at the system details:

but there are not many details.

If i remember correctly, but i will check today with @marek.melichercik , for every flow you have created (and since you enabled GDPR), every field on the GDPR tab should be completed. I’ll check and update the post.

Status update every hour and every time you “save” an item.

Thank you, but every field has been completed!
I am assuming that you don’t have to add all of the Stages in and that you could essentially just have 3 as an example?

marek just confirmed that yes, you need all stages completed to get rid of that status. you could also hide it and make your own status …

It looks like the system status was corrupt for some reason! I think there maybe another post about that happening in other modules.
I have disabled the system status and recreated it as a user defined status with the same settings and it now works again.