Question - Items without planned reviews/audits


sometimes someone forgot to plan the next review for a policy or next audit for a control. Is there any possibility to detect those items without planned reviews or audits in an easy way, for example during a filter?

is not really possible to create a policy without a review so i’m not sure how they got there !

for audits (and probably policy reviews) warnings you can do a dynamic status most likely…a rule like this?

or maybe this

i could not find an audit date rule but the above should help. you can of course then create notifications based on that dynamic status

sorrt for the 14 day delay on responding to this, not sure how we missed it

yes, that´s right. But some people delete a planned review for a policy an don`t set a new one. In case of audits is at some point no planned audit left because it is only scheduled for the next two years, for example.

I don´ t think this dynamic status would help beacuse it only shows controls without any audits. So if there is a control that already got an audit but no planned audit, it would not be shown. Right? The same with the audit owner filter. But thank you for your ideas.

Maybe there is no solution because I want to filter on items that are not there. I don´t know. What do you think?

About the delay: I already thought I insulted you without recognizing :wink: . Because there is another topic written by me without an answer: Bug-Related standard is not shown

Hello @j.meyer, I remember I was answering this question, but I can not find the ticket, so maybe it was only in my head haha.
Unfortunately it is not possible to filter these items.

Hello sam, haha maybe it was :smiley:
ok. thank you. so we just have to be careful with deleting reviews and if an audit is done, make sure there is another planned audit for the future.

have a nice day