Question - MS SQL Access Review

Does anybody have a Microsoft SQL script to pull SQL user accounts in the correct format required for Eramba Access Review pulls?

not us :frowning: … i know next to nothing about MS products, but sql is still sql even there and their documentation seems pretty solid:

so with sql you should be able to pull that out … ?

Thanks for the response.

We tried T SQL and wasn’t able to get the data in the correct format so we found a solution which was to run a PowerShell script against DB instances. The script pulls back user ID, DB instance and type of account, i.e. Windows User, Group, SQL User etc. Where in a Windows Group it pulls back the members of that group. We are doing a similar thing for Windows OS layer reviews to pull a full list of all users accounts saving us having to create user reviews for each AD group.

ok - remember the output must end up on the server were eramba runs, im mentioning this because i know linux can not run power shell.

if you have an SQL we can code some quick php script you can run on linux and will do the job - let us know if you need help with that!

Thanks for the tip. We are mapping the location where they are written on the server where Eramba runs. We will be testing to make sure it works as expected this week.

I would be interested to lean more about the php script. I will put you in touch with one of my team members to talk about this more.

FYI, PowerShell Core can be installed on Linux: