Question - Risk Dashboard: no results by BU (due for release 36)


I know that dashboards will be reworked anyway. But maybe this is a quickwin or just some error in our setup / handling? There is no urgency to have it fixed from my side.
We have started adding asset risks in Eramba. We have added only about 10 risks yet and it would be nice to see the impact by business unit as provided by the dashboard. However there is no calculation of any of these 4 measurements?

Anyone knows why? Is it triggered only after a number of risks?

No , it should work straight away, our idea is to use filters for this type of queries.

On the “Asset Risk Management” filter, we could include one option to be “BU” in which you can filter risks by “BU” (assets are linked to BUs)

This could let you answer such questions, does it help?

Yes that would be a feasible option, no need to have it on the dashboard view directly for me.