Question - System Health - Correct CRON URL

We have had an ongoing issue with the Correct CRON URL check in the System Health section. All of the other CRON checks are fine but this one is “Not OK.” We have worked with support on this and still don’t have a fix. The documentation makes it clear that the system should not be used without full system health. Do other users have problems with this check?

We are routinely getting a failed cron job on the daily check. Recognizing that we are a few versions behind.

Without full system health it appears that updates are disabled. I’m wondering what other aspects of the system are affected?

hi Tim,

That check validates that the URL on your browser is the same that has been used to call crontab jobs on the linux cron config files. If they differ , then you get that error. The reason is that the URL you use for crons must be the same as the one users use when browing eramba, that url builds up the links to mails, logos, etc…

if you have cron troubles just raise a ticket to, you’ll get assistance there. On our next release we include CLI crons , that will make cron handling easier.