Question - tables on Reports

I am trying to generate a report of compliance that includes the “additional information” field, as I want to demonstrate compliance against a specific regulatory requirement “Security Profile” which I have imported into the software.

Question - How do I add the Item Additional Information field to the reporting templates. As I am unable to find the field in any of the report dropdown boxes.

im guessing here because we miss details on your post, are refering to an “Item” report on the Compliance Analysis module?

in particular this table?

Okay, so for some reason, the information has started to appear in my report. So that has been resolved.

Follow up question would be how do create a chart using Efficacy against Compliance Strategy?
The intention being to demonstrate that by not achieving compliance, you are increasing risk.


please read the documentation

These are hard-coded charts - you can not modify them in terms of how they are caculated or what colours or types of charts they use.

Status by Group shows dynamic status (those created by you or defined by the system) over time. This chart is quite configurable because the dynamic status shown on the table can be defined by you in almost any way you want (see dynamic status course).

you could use a Status by Group based on the efficacy if you setup first dynamic status.