Question - Ubuntu upgrade path

We recently purchased eramba and I’m evaluating options for our VM (canned OVA route or custom build). I have a question I hope you can help with. OS ubuntu version is out of support April 2021, what is the upgrade path look like? What is eramba’s role versus ours to upgrade the OS prior to end of support?

I guess you are referring to the ubuntu version on the VM we hand out? we’ll probably update it to spare new customers from doing this themselves. Ubuntu (like any other OS) allows users to upgrade their system without the need to reinstall anything, is a natural part of the update of packages. Their documentation is typically very good, any linux admin can do this as its a very simple task.

bare in mind our VM is NOT HARDENED!! is up to each customer to choose their hardening methods (automation, etc)

Thank you for that detail. My server team responded with the following clarification question:

Does eramba support the upgrades, meaning if we upgrade the OS to the latest version, will their application still work and if not, will they support it?

contractually our TCs don’t cover infrastructure support … the reason is everyone has a different infrastructure and everyone can change anything on the linux or infrastructure at any time without us having any control on it. shared support never works. it would be impossible to help with that. that is why is off our support boundary.

we anyway, un-officially, have always helped customers to install eramba, but install does not mean ongoing linux support ! eramba runs on linux is therefore expected customers to have a reasonable understanding on how linux works ! upgrading the VM wont break eramba in my opinion… its very hard to achieve that by simply upgrading it using ubuntu’s built in package manager.

if they (or anyone) breaks it , we have a very detailed linux installation guide on our support guide that explains how eramba runs with MySQL and Apache so troubleshooting should not be an issue (it has never ever been).

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