Question - Unable to create Reports


when crating a report I get the following error… however in the settings I can create/open a test PDF without any problems. Our websites are using https. Could the problem be that its a http site that is created?

Hmmm…unfortunately this page is not accessible
It looks like the website at http://xxxxxxx/reports/reports/pdf/39 is having problems or it may have been moved permanently to a new web address.



Can you try to run command from terminal
wkhtmltopdf https://yourerambadomain/settings/test-pdf test.pdf
To see if you get some error?

Well it seems that we somehow “lost” the wkhtmltopdf tool when updating to 3.x

Interesting. I’ve never heard of that. So now it is all ok?

Ok we moved the folder from the old v2 into the new v3 Version, but that did not help, do we have to do something else besides moving it there?

I think the best idea is to install pdf library again with the latest version

Ok will try that