Question - View all risks associated with an asset?

I’m trying to cleanup unused assets but before deleting want to be sure each one is not associated with a risk.

Rather than look through every risk to find the asset in question is there a way to view all risks associated with a particular asset?

Hi Taylor!

If you use filters in Asset risk management, you could chose the asset and get all the risks impacted by it:

Does this help?

the other way around, looking things from the asset module we do miss a column for risks:

in that way you would see in one column one or more risks asociated with each asset… this is not onw there but can be added - let us know which way (from a risk or asset module perspective) you were looking at things.


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@ef1 Thank you, yes that does help. Not ideal but it does give me the info I’m looking for.

@eramba I was looking from the Asset module side and expecting to see a risks column like you said. The filtered search from the risk module side will suffice for now but the addition of the risk column in the asset module is preferred.

Thank you both.

We githubbed it for a future release.

Int. Ref:


expanded this request, added to the short term queue.