Question - what info is sent to Eramba if I enable 'Help Improve Eramba'?

can I just get a little more information on what they ‘Help Improve Eramba’ feature actually sends to you?

The dialog just says ‘Automatically sends usage statistics and crash reports’.

Obviously we have some fairly sensitive company data stored in our Eramba installation, so I just want to be satisfied that none of that could be leaking into your logs and getting sent to Eramba HQ, before I enable this debug feature :slight_smile:

Hello David,

Basically, all that is downloaded when you click on download all the logs.
Error logs, logs from crons, updates logs, system health logs etc. of course no data are sent to us, it will not help us anyway :slight_smile:

Change the text on this button to read:

“In order to support bug resolution and improve the application, we regularly send all application logs to eramba. None of the information you upload to the system is sent” to us


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Cheers for the answer Sam. I didn’t realise we could download them ourselves too :slight_smile:
So, I clicked that button and asked my security guys to check the logs it would send.

They were happy with everything except for one:
in /diagnostics/mysql_general.log the log entries included the names of documents in the Security Policies module.
Some of these names themselves were ‘sensitive’ (they were the names of Non-Disclosure Agreements between our company and other parties, so the name of the other party was there in the logs)

Is it necessary to log Security Policy names in this way?

Can you share some examples of what you are seeing to our support mail? We are not able to reproduce this problem.