Question - who hacked us?

We got this email today on our support mail … so spit it out, who hacked us???

We cant pay for conference tickets and this hacker wants 30k eur ? some times i’m amazed how people believes we are another GRC company, i think a lot of that comes of our necessary enterprise release. We never wanted to do a company or an enteprise release, but without that income the project would have died long ago and thousands of people around the world (including us) would have defaulted to spreadsheets.

The beauty of doing this for no profit (other than a reasonable salary for each one of the core members of eramba that works full time on the project) is that we honestly could not care less about this type of threats … we dont have or want or need sales, marketing, sales targets, profit targets, revenue targets, conversion rate targets, angel investors or anything like that. The day this project is of no use to people or becomes a company i’m pretty sure i’ll leave and do something else.

After many years in this industry and running this project and understanding worldwide offer and demand for GRC tools as it currently stands i’m sure that there is no way a European based business can charge 3k / year for a tool and service like this and survive from that alone, is simply not financially viable to do so.


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This could very well be empty threat. I am assuming this is a person/ group that targets companies and tries to use fear tactics to get money to an pseudonymous address they own. We have seen similar (not exact) threats on our side and we usually ignore them.


agreed … but even if it would be true we would still not pay a single euro.

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However, we, your customers, are very very very glad you exist and have an enterprise release as your support has been excellent. This is a wonderful project, and I’m very happy to both support it, as well as spread the word about it with my peers.



On the topic of conferences, typically if you apply to be a speaker and get accepted, they’ll give you admission to the conference for free - depending on the conference, that can be fairly valuable (though, there’s still the associated travel costs).