Release e2.20.7


This is the last upgrade on version 2.x of eramba. This package prepares your system for upgrading to 3.x which runs faster, solves security issues, etc.

After upgrading to e.2.20.7 you need to check all system health checks (System / Settings / System Health) works OK as we included a few linux requirements to jump to 3.x:

If you do not meet these requirements you do not have to worry, eramba will keep working but you will not be able to upgrade to 3.x which is quite important

There will be an additional check called “Integrity Check”, if you see this as “NOT OK” please contact by email and we’ll try to help you clear it out

Any instructions on how to ugprade if one runs your published VMWare template? We have been running that one since eramba 1.x but its outdated, runs Ubuntu xenial and apparently the last PHP version for xenial is 7.0 if I did my research right.

Should I do a manual upgrade to the latest Ubuntu then attempt to upgrade eramba?

Yes, correct you will need to update ubuntu and after that you can do the update to 2.20.7.

Thanks Sam.

Before trying to upgrade our appliance from Ubuntu 16 to 20 we would like to give it a try and try to dockerize eramba. Would you mind sending me a download link to the manual installation instructions + the download link for Release e2.20.6 so that I can try and see if/how an upgrade works with Docker? (e2.20.6 is our current running version)

You can send it to the email I registered here as or to the email with registered our license with, I have access to both.

downloads at (or , install guides can be found on our documentation: Documentation | Eramba

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