Release e3.6.0

We plan releasing e3.6.0 next week (all this is always subject to emergencies, etc) and the following issues have been included (again this might be subject to change, ideally not):

Bug Fixing:

  • Bug-History trashed related object is crashing whole history (#3195)
  • Bug-Stored cross-site scripting (#3174)
  • Bug-Associated Third Party Risks not showing on Third Party Item Report (#3196)
  • Bug-Problem uploading questionnaire with more than two options (#3205)
  • Bug-User name macro missing on Awareness program email (#3128)
  • Bug-Change helper text in db restore modal (#3208)
  • Bug-Last review field when viewing policy is empty (#3213)
  • Bug-Cloning groups doesn’t work (#3188)
  • Bug-Not possible to add new line in content editor (#3212)
  • Bug-Yearly cron (#3206)
  • Bug-Multiple security salts in app_local.php (#3158)
  • Bug-Custom logo on awareness portal (#3202)
  • Bug-Security policy last review function showing wrong attachment (#3207)


Core Work:

  • Core-Test case for parallel cron executing (#3202)
  • Core-VendorAssessment Findings should get trashed recursively from its parent (#3201)
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