Roadmap Website

we made this ugly website that shows you three things:

  • tasks we are working on
  • stuff we want to do in the coming months
  • stuff we want to do, hopefully this year

this website is generated automatically out of github so it is kind of updated pretty much every day. we dont watch much our language on github so you might see things that are not very polite…but you will survive, dont worry.

over the years we learnt that our plans never work on time, never. so if you see a task that we stated it will be done on the short term plan and a week after is not there any more is because we changed plans for some good reason. As Mike Tyson once said: everyone’s got a plan until they get punched on the face!

if you want to see:

  • new things there
  • move their priority

please use this forum and make your ideas clear! we are not a perfect democracy but we try hard to help everyone

thank you all

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