Support - Awareness Training Stats Issue

Hi Folks,

We are continuing on with the trial awareness training program and we have notices something a little odd happening. If I use the filter to show me how many people in our trial have taken the training to date I am given the following screen

, which is fine. However when we go to look a little closer at the compliant and non compliant users something a little odd happens

Compliant users are shown as follows

, which is great. People actually reading our email and taking the training !!!

If we check the non compliant list

We have some duplicates, not so great … So in this instance I know for a fact that both users (Attila and Tomasz) have taken the training and appear on the compliant list but now also on the non compliant list. The only difference I can see is that the users on the compliant list are lower case and the users on the non compliant list have upper case letters in their names

Help !!

Hi john , we are looking at it!