Support - User list not displaying in Awareness Program demo section

I have created a new Awareness Training for our company. Before I send it out, I would like to send a demo to a couple of people. However, when I go to the demo link, there are no users in the “Select Users” drop down.

We have a previous training created by my predecessor and the user list displays without issue for that instance. So I assume I have missed a step somewhere. Any thoughts?

Many thanks for any pointers.

Hello there,

We always recomend:

1/ having a dev/testing license running eramba to do this kind of tests (we can hand you one , just drop an email to

2/ you can now (this is new, a week or so at most) test LDAP settings before you use the awareness training. your awareness training might have been created in the past when this “check” did not exist.

3/ if the “demo” does not show you any user, i bet my mortgage you have an issue in #2, meaning the ldap check did not pass and you need to review ldap settings (which again, if you drop an email to we can help with).

Hope this helps

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Hi Esteban

We are a few releases back because I have to get our IT dept to check on the memory for PHP on the machine where it lives. So we are on System version: e1.0.6.035. I have checked the LDAP settings in the system for the security groups under settings. I have tested the settings and the lists appear to be working well.

I am able to set the group easily using LDAP when creating the training. The groups all show without issues. However, once the training is created, the user list from within my Eramba instance does not show up when I try to send out a test demo to make sure everything looks as it should. It’s very odd because there is an older training that was set up by my predecessor and when I click on “demo” I get the full list of users.

We might need to continue this through email so I can send you some screenshots of what I am seeing.


In order to use the awareness module you either need very specific ldap settings (which given the situation you seem to be at, im pretty sure your system does not use) or run our latest version which does not require PHP7 (not sure this is what is blocking you from updating the system?)

PHP7 will be mandatory AFTER release 41 !