Support - Vendor Assessments - Question Line Break

Is there a way to add line breaks in the vendror assessment question - description.
I’m trying to break up a description, to make it easier to read on screen.

I dont think i ever tested that to be honest, i asked Kris to have a look tomorrow (we have left the office already) and come back to you with an answer.

Thanks for raising this point !

I tested this, and tried to find some solutions but as it seems there is no possibility for it now.
I created a github feature request but can’t promise when this will be covered as we have full hands of work with the new template! :smiley: .

Internal reference:


Found this topic and just wanted to add my vote for this feature. We’re creating the PCI SAQ and it’s basically impossible without being able to add line breaks in questions.

Update - I see you guys are using nl2br, but it’s not behaving as expected. Could just be my system - I’ll play around some more.

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@jsalehy did you end up getting it to work?

Having line breaks in text boxes would be fantastic. Makes consuming content so much easier.

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Is this what you are trying to achieve?

image (1).png
I’ve tested on our demo. Are you on the latest version?

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Tested after upgrading to e2.15.1 and can confirm it’s now working. Wasn’t previously. Thanks!