2022 - Pricing Update (Inflation hit us)

eramba defines pricing solely based on our costs - we don’t look at competitors prices or what we could charge to make the most profit. we do have a very teeny weeny markup that we use to keep a full year of cost as savings.

since we are very frugal and we don’t owe money to anyone and we own this business entirely and we have always been profitable, eramba can afford to be very cheap and still exist. this situation is very very very rare for most tech companies at least in 2021.

not sure in your country, but in ours, costs went up a little bit last year and we expect them to go higher a little more next year (we read Bloomberg believe it or not) and we have therefore come to the conclusion that:

  • new licenses from 1st January 2022 will be 3000 EUR (500 EUR increase)
  • renewals that fall during 2022 will still have the 2500 EUR tariff (means existing customers are not affected for at least a year). In 2023 the new pricing takes effect.
  • partners discount remain at %40 and above conditions apply to them as well
  • consulting hours go from 80 EUR / Hr to 100 EUR / Hr (20 EUR increase)
  • credit card payment fees remain as they were at 100 EUR

We have also now included on the license fee (3000 EUR) one hour free of consulting. We believe most people needs this initial help.

At 3k / Year, eramba costs 250 EUR a month. If your company has second thoughts about doing this expenditure on a GRC software, run away!

We believe even with this update, eramba pricing is still ridiculous and that makes us happy because it means we are doing what we want to do: GRC for everyone.


Are you able to post/share the USD equivalent price that you’ll charge for next year as well?

In USD the license will be 3500 USD , in GBP it will be 2700

We cant use “daily fix rates” because it becomes an invoicing nightmare , we use more or less an “inflated” xrate because we always loose when our banks send money to our EUR accounts. We should go back trading in chickens, gold, bronze and wine. Wine most of all.

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We actually seem to have made an accounting mistake here, as you know eramba charges what we need to cover project costs (that is why it is and will always be very cheap), it seems that we did a bit of a math mistake and our pricing can in-fact remain as it was - 2500 eur. we’ll rollback the price on the website tomorrow.

we’ll review inflation, etc at the end of this year, but we hope we’ll be able to keep the price even for the next year unless something happens to the world (again)