API Access List

Is there some magic trick to getting a group/access list other than admin to work for API calls? I built a new user specifically to use for the API and put them int he group All But Settings to start with. I logged in via the web console to change the password, then went to Postman and made some calls. I get a json return with 0 entries. Waited a while, played around a while, eventually changed the user to the Admin group, and Pop! Works fine. The access list does, in fact, seem to be everything but settings, so I’m just not sure what I’m missing.

This means, you authenticated but nothing came back? could be the case, because a new user most likely has no item attached to it and therefore visualisations wont show anything. eramba shows a user what belongs to the user (by default).

In eramba you need to differentiate three things:

1/ authentication (you seem to have gotten right)
2/ authorization (which you handle with acl and you also seem to got right)
3/ visualisation , i think here is where you are struggling.

have a look on the doc, it should help. let us know!

Aye! Read it before, but it didn’t stick.

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