Awareness video allows to skip towards the end

When playing a video in an awareness training session, the player allows the user to skip towards the end of the video, thus avoiding having to watch the video until the end. Once you click anywhere near the right hand side of the progress bar the “Understood” button will be enabled and a user can proceed to the next step of the awareness training.

Yes, it is in the last five seconds of the video.
I like and prefer this “feature”, since I can skip looking at the whole video when I check new trainings (demo) or in case of support-cases where users have trouble to finish a training (i.e. using a wrong or outdated browser version)

Hi @bjoern.rudner, the problem is that you can skip to the last part of the video immediately, no need to reach the last five seconds.

Also, while skipping the video is convenient if you are setting up training, it is not desirable for users to skip videos at all. In fact most similar awareness training systems will prevent users skipping videos.