Bug - A couple minor bugs in System Health check screen for MariaDB items


I believe this is my first post on this forum, so allow me to first thank you for releasing this software to the GRC community.

I’d like to point out what I believe to be a couple bugs I’ve noticed in the System Health page (tested on version 3.18.1):

  • The MySQL check fails to properly parse the version string if the Enterprise version of MariaDB is used:
    • In my case, version string is “10.6.12-7-MariaDB-enterprise-log” and the respective check fails (despite MariaDB’s version being 10.6.12>=10.2.29)
  • MySQL Binary Logging check: The check should succeed if the database user has been granted the “SUPER” privilege. According to this post when binary logging is enabled then there are two solutions:
    • Either log_bin_trust_function_creators must be enabled OR
    • The database user must be granted the SUPER privilege
    • In my case, even though the SUPER privilege has been GRANTED, the check still appears as “NOT OK” in eramba System Health page



an upcoming update should fix that