Bug - Apostrophe in 'Item Description' breaks Compliance Analysis formating (Closed)

When putting an apostrophe into the ‘Item Description’ of a ‘Compliance Package Item’ such as;

Network connectivity must be securely configured to block email and internet activity on the vendor’s network

The apostrophe causes the following error when conducting ‘Compliance Analysis’:

After I removed the apostrophe it the formatting returned to normal.


thanks for reporting ,this is in fact a limitation on the feature, is actually documented on the compliance guides as:

i’ll check if we can escape them somehow (CSV are somewhat limited).

thanks again!!

Btw - I have logged issue:


As soon as we have a date when it will be done i’ll update the subject.

Thanks again!

Hallo! The linked GitHub page returns 404

Yes, its a private repo for the team. I keep the url here so we can track down our promises! :slight_smile: