Bug: Application keeps returning to landing dashboard after latest update

I just installed the latest software update that changes the login screen. After doing the update, the web page reloads on its own after a short time back to the main dashboard. It doesn’t matter what page I am on. Any help would be appreciated. We are evaluating using the app and right now it has become unusable.


Ok solved the issue myself. For anyone else who has it after the upgrade, best way to address is to clear all of your cookies.

is the 21st century equivalent of unplug and plug a device to reset it

Unfortunately it was a temporary fix, the refresh issue is back again. Randomly redirecting the page back to the dashboard. No idea what is causing it. No matter what I do it keeps redirecting back to the dashboard after about 15 to 20 seconds. Cant use the application right now.

Can you please contact us at support@eramba.org so we can review the issue on a call?