Bug - Asset filter not working with Third Party Risk

Working with a filter on the Assets module, attempting to include related Third Party Risk items. The filter column is returning as blank for all Third Party Risks, however, if I run the Item report for a sampling of items, it shows the risk is associated.

Expected behavior: Population of the Third Party Risk column should match what is shown in the individual item report for associated Third Party Risks.

v3.23.2 Enterprise

Hello, I have noticed a related (maybe the same) issue, where I have assets that have asset risks. However, in the Asset module my All Items filter has both the asset risk column and third-party risk column, but the asset risks appear in both columns. There are currently no third-party risks and the third-party column should be blank. Thanks

this seems to work on demo-e , but perhaps im testing something differnet?

yes, i think that is a bug see my screenshot above. let me double check it and i’ll come back to you.

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Demo-e is on 3.23.0, I’m on 3.23.2.

On Demo-e, drill down into that risk - it will take you to the asset risks and NOT the third party risks. It’s basically duplicating the asset risk results into the Third Party Risk column.

I’m seeing the duplication on my instance for 3.23.2 like is on demo-e (these third party risks haven’t been touched in a very long time), but on my customer’s instance where I’ve been heavily working on them, they’re simply blank.

On demo-e, I added the only third party risk to the xmm project asset and the third party risk column in the all filter is still blank for it.

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It will be fixed in the upcoming 3.24.0 version.

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