Bug - Awareness Module First Reminder (due for r36)

Hi Guys not sure if this is a bug or not. When I start an awareness module within Eramba it sends out the initial invitation. It will then send out a reminder the following day even although my reminders are set for every 7 days. Is this the expected outcome. Should it not wait for the number of days set in the reminders by counting from the date the module is initiated?

Hi Barry,
Just as you put it is not as it should be of course, please drop as an email to support@eramba.org so we can follow it there.
On the email attach the awareness settings!


We have got to the bottom of this, it was not easy as it depends on the LDAP settings used on each customer, Barry helped us tremendously with the debug, thanks Barry :slight_smile:

To use awareness trainings you need both, an authenticator and group connector. The attribute that has the “login” of the user must be the same on both of them, we dont force that while setting up connectors in eramba, and of course that can be improved.

In the authenticator connector:

In the group connector:

These two must be the same value … otherwise , you get in trouble.

On the next release we’ll enforce this setting, in the meantime i think is worth you check if they look the same.


Hi Guys,

first day back today. I have updated the settings to both be the same. In our case we are using the uPN as the login but in the authentication connector I was using mail

Both have now been updated and our stats are looking healthy. Thanks for this

Thanks you for the help debugging , we would have never spot this out by ourself!

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