Bug - Awareness Training - Trainings you need to do

(Sorry if this is a duplicate, i somewhat recall this may of been reported prior?)

When i’m testing out our awareness training programs, when I click the portal link in the email, I continue to get a mixture of a single awareness module I need to complete, then the next time I test, I see 4 others that magically are available. This will continue randomly as I complete a demo training and re-test with modifications. Some times it shows the single one i’m testing, other times it shows more. Can this behavior be explained?

When I goto the awareness url directly and see the extra ones and click to start, the system says “This training is not available for you”

We noticed the same thing :slight_smile:

Justin you are by far the best tester / customer we ever got !! Seriously, Thank you

Internal reference: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/1015