BUG - Bulk edit fields greyed out


I was trying to bulk edit the audit methodology for several controls. However even if the “modify is on” for a certain field, for example, audit methodology, the text box is still greyed out and does not allow me to change it. This happens for other fields as well (e.g. “audit success criteria”).

Bulk edits for these two fields are (were) not meant to work since we changed the audit date picker, i doubt we can me this work because there is a logic on the form (the type of date picker you want to use) and that type of logic is not built in no bullk-edits code.

bare in mind that if you edit methodology , criteria only those audits which are in the future and not-completed will be updated, past completed audits should not reflect the change.

I was trying to change it on the internal control itself. Hence, to affect only future audits (or open audits). I understand that old audits will not suffer change and that’s a good thing. We want to maintain integrity on the old audits as a “screenshot” from what was done in the past (wherever wrong or not).

So you think this bulk edits will not work/be implemented for theses fields in the internal control form?

Thank you!