Bug - Bulk import for Third Parties treats Liabilities as a mandatory field?

Hi, I am trying to do a bulk import of our third party suppliers (Organization > Third Parties module)

In the bulk import template, the fourth column says it’s optional:
“Liabilities (This is an optional field, you can leave it blank if you want to, alternatively you need to insert the Name of one or more liabilities. You can get the Name for each existing liability at Organisation / Legal Constrains. Eramba will check each liability exists! If you want to include more than one, remember to split them with a “”|”" character. For example: Legal|Legal2.)"

I don’t have any Liabilities set up yet, so I left this column blank.

But when I do the import, I get the message WE DOUND SOME PROBLEMS ON THE CSV FILE YOU JUST UPLOADED, with amber cells in the ‘Liabilities (Object Name)’ column and a row status of ‘ROW APPEARS TO BE INCOMPLETE’.
If I then click Import, nothing gets imported.

As a workaround, I made myself a liability called ‘[dummy]’ and filled up column E in my import CSV sheet with that.

Eramba was then happy and gave status ‘OK’ on every row… but when I clicked Import, still nothing was imported :frowning:

I am using Eramba e.3.11.0

Yes, it was fixed with the next hotfix: Release 3.11.1

Make sure that you are always working with the latest release.

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Glad to hear it is fixed :slight_smile:
I would love to be able to upgrade to the next release but sadly e3.11.0 blocks any further upgrade until the RDIS module is installed. So I am having to patiently wait for our infrastructure guys to do that for me first :wink:

Sorry but I am now on e3.13.1 and I am still experiencing this behaviour, as reported above in my two posts of May 25.

With Sam’s help we have fixed this,
the explanation was a little over my head, but I believe was basically some necessary commands we had omitted from our automation scripts in building our environment.
Perhaps we help get this documented better - I know that this automated was not really ‘supported’, but for us it was essential for our infrastructure guys to be able to automate the deployment/alerting/backups for Eramba in our virtual environment.

The minor bug about ‘Liabilities’ being a mandatory field still is there, though?