Bug - Cakephp integrity issues


I’ve been encountering a few issues with Eramba (Community) that seem related to its CakePHP underpinnings. I haven’t noticed these issues before – I upgraded to 3.22.0 last week, but I couldn’t say when they started as most of the applicaton is working fine.

  1. When accessing the ‘Reviews’ tab under ‘Asset Risks’, I receive an internal error. However, the ‘Reviews’ tab works as expected for other risk types. The error I’m seeing is: [Crud\Error\Exception\MissingListenerException] Could not find listener class: ActivityLog.ActivityLog.
  2. On another page, specifically the database integrity check under settings, I get a different error: Unknown method "getSection" called on Cake\ORM\Table. The description suggests there might be issues with Auto-Tables and points to the SecurityPoliciesTreatment table alias.
  3. Additionally, with CakePHP’s debug mode activated, I see a ‘Cake’ icon. However, clicking on any menu items within this debug panel results in another error: ‘Record not found in table “panels”’.

I’ve tried clearing the cache to no avail. I’m not entirely familiar with the intricacies of CakePHP or Eramba’s structure, so any guidance or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help!


Yes, I see the issue, we will be releasing a hotfix this week. Just to be sure, can you specify which page giving you the error in point 2?

Thanks for reporting!

Hi Sam,

Thanks for your response, and glad to hear a fix will be released so quickly!

The error in point 2 is on the Settings page, under “Database”. The link is “Integrity Check”, with the following relative URL on my system: /integrity-check/integrity-check-findings

Is it possible to send an export of the integrity_check_findings table to our support email? (support@eramba.org)

I’ve just sent them to you now.