Bug - Cannot Select Third Party (Closed)


We have a problem regarding our compliance managment. Upon wanting to Import a pre compiled package .csv file to Eramba, I am unable to select a Third Party for it. (I have previously filled out a third party) The problem appears for me in all the browesers i tested: Chrome, Safari and Firefox. I followed this guide: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NQ32aaux9YGEqOEnmJkwUr2YbDWManeBaaKSYGM3mk8/edit
Can you advise how to fix this issue?


Hello Kristian,

Im gonna make sure we are on the same page, you are trying to use Compliance Package Import form to import a .csv file, like shown on this image below, but you are unable to select a Third Party option, is that right?

I would advise you to make sure your Third Party object(s) are in an Approved workflow status - in case objects are in Draft status, they are unable to be used (selected in forms, etc) throughout the system until they become approved.

Let us know if this resolves your problem, if not, we will have a deeper look on whats going on there.


Thanks a lot. I indeed overlooked the approval process. Still new to the platform. Works now.