Bug - Change Password and localhost persist (Resolved)


I’m in the process of testing the community 3.21.1installation version using your docker image. The ip of our eramba in our DNS.

I am experiencing three problems, I do not know if this is related.

  • The first: after authentication, I get an access error, instead of taking its name (or ip), I’m sent back to localhost, which blocks access via a PC other than the one where eramba is installed.

  • The second problem is that once I’ve restored ip/dashboard or name/dashboard, I get to the dashboard but it isn’t displayed, so I keep clicking on “we are loading…”.

  • The third: When I want to change the admin password via the interface, the display goes dark, I have the mill spinning indefinitely, but nothing happens and the change is not taken into account.

Have you ever encountered this problem? Is it possible to change the password on the database? If so, where is this done?


Make sure that the environmental value public address is setup correctly, the other two problems should be fixed after that.

see here: Docker Install | Eramba learning portal


Thank you for your response to my request.

I can confirm that the address has indeed been entered in the /docker/.env file under "PUBLIC_ADDRESS=https://ip:port

But the problem persists, once on the login page as soon as I validate it, I’m redirected to https://localhost:8443 which breaks my connection as I’m on a remote PC.

You have to compose down, do the change and then compose up again, this way docker will take a new configuration. Have you done that?


Effectively, the following command solved the problem:

docker-compose -f docker-compose.simple-install.yml down

Thanking you