Bug - Community Migration Backup/Restore Duplicates Roles

During the data migration from Community to Enterprise references to ‘user’ records are being duplicated. The attached image contains an example of duplicated references. Am I doing something wrong?


Hopefully there is some SQL magic that will make this right.


  • from which community version to which enteprise version are you doing migration?
  • which section / module is the one that gives you trouble?
  • is that the only one?


The upgrade procedure I followed was:

  • From 3.16.2 to 3.17.0 using System->Security->Updates until I was current
  • Exported the data and files from 3.17.0 community
  • Fresh intall of 3.17.0 enterprise
  • Imported the data and files from 3.17.0 community

The modules that I’ve discovered so far (there may be others) are:

  • Business Units - Business Unit Owner
  • Assets - Owner
  • Assets - Guardian
  • Internal Controls - Service Owner
  • Internal Controls - Collaborator
  • Security Policies - Owner

The problem only impacts (User) and not (Group) associations.

Thank you for your assistance.

it seems pretty clear to me, we’ll check it on monday and let you know probably over support as we might need more information. we will them update this post.

The issue was due to the wrong synchronization of user field.
Resolved with:

bin/cake user_fields sync_objects