Bug - Compliance Analysis vs Package (release 39 hotfix)

During the compliance package import,
I uploaded a second package, but assigned it to the wrong third party. I had to manually delete the extra items.

The deleted items still appear in Compliance Analysis for that third party. (Overlooked items)

The deleted items don’t appear in Compliance Analysis (Export to CSV)
The deleted items don’t appear when I perform “Analyse”
*** (Added) *** The deleted items don’t appear in the Program Health under compliance analysis. *** (Added) ***
The deleted items appear if I perform a Third party audit on the package.

While we were running a training yesterday this scenario of uploading a compliance package to the wrong third party came to my mind, we never tested this until now.

Let us do some testing and we’ll revert back. @kristijan.sabic can you have a look ?

On an additionnal note, I see those compliance packages items in the trash.


We fixed this today, i just tested and it seems ok. When you delete items the calculation shown on compliance analysis looks well now.

Thanks for reporting


When will the Hotfix be release ?

its 22.28 here and we are trying to complete it … : )

Hi, so we thought we had fixed but we didn’t until now, and in the next release it should be all ok!