Bug - Compliance Packages show more than Regulators? (Due for 1st of May)

Is there a reason why Third Parties added always show up as a Compliance or Regulatory Authority, even when in Party details you specify “Customer” or “Supplier”? If this is not a bug, how can I make the Compliance Packages only show those I have classified as a Regulatory entity?



Hi Derek,

I just tested on our release 33 and i could not reproduce the issue you mention:

But perhaps you mean something different?

Let us know!

I do! :slight_smile:

If I’m going to look at my “Compliance Package Database,” I see suppliers and customers, too. In reality, we should only see Regulators/Compliance Authority on that page. (Compliance Management > Compliance Packages.)

It’s not really an issue, but I wondered if it was a bug or working as intended. It makes it tough to sift through all of our 3rd party suppliers in the Compliance Package Database to find our actual regulatory bodies and compliance authorities.



Yes, same here.
I guess this is a bug, it doesn’t make sense that they appear in the Compliance Package View. Thus I’m supporting the request of Derek.


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Oh now I get it, yes we never did that restriction but we can for sure is not complicated.

This is what you mean, right?

That would be amazing. We’ve got so many regulators and different compliance entities with their own requirements, we want to make sure we have easy and quick access to all of our information without having to dig for it.

Cheers and thanks, guys!

We’ll try to squeeze this one for next week hotfix release

have a good weekend

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Finally figured out why my contractual obligation compliance tracking disappeared. While I understand Derek’s point of view, this has also resulted in making it impossible for me to verify we are meeting contractual obligations. This request would have been better addressed as a filter in my opinion. How is everyone tracking their contractual obligation compliance now? I’ve had to change my customer to a regulator in order to do this.

Also, under “imports”, it still lets you add compliance packages to non-regulators which added to my confusion.

Correct - we put a fix on the last release where now Third Parties which are “Regulators” are listed as compliance packeges. But your point is right , we forgot to do the same on the “Import” functionality.


Will be fixed next week, thanks for reporting!

So what are other people doing to track compliance with client contractual obligations?

I can tell what I do, we work with many customers and each one of them has its own set of “requirements” - we just put those in a CSV file to meet the compliance package format and use the compliance analysis module to keep track of that compliance. Is that the situation you are having?

Yes, but as a result I have to change the Third Party from a “customer” to a “regulator” which is in-accurate and I’m not sure if it has an impact else were in Eramba.

I am having this same issue. I opened another post (Feature - Allow Linking of Customer to Compliance Package) but just found this thread.

I am trying to add a customer’s contractual requirements as a compliance package in Eramba. The only type of third party that shows up when I try to link a compliance package is regulators.

I agree that having to change a third party from a “customer” to a “regulator” does not seem to make sense. I feel this would be better served by adding a filter to select what you want to see in the different compliance analysis views…



The fact that to upload a compliance package you need to link it with a Organisation / Third Party is something we did wrong in the begining and we have so far lived with it (rather uncomfortably).

I’ll check with our devs today how to get rid of that relationship so when you upload a compliance package you put a name on the import file and thats it.

I’ll let you know when this can be in place. I think is important we get over this quick. In the meantime some customers created TWO third parties, one of each type and the name of the third party distinguishes what is the third party used for:

“Google Apps - Compliance Package” (for uploading compliance packages) … type “Regulator”
“Google Apps - Compliance Package” (for third party analysis, etc) … type “Customer”

Thanks for the feedback @njaehnert @dpace