Bug - Create a Service Contract

When attempting find a third party under the Create a Service Contract page, third parties appear to be listed in order of addition to the system and not alphabetically. Additionally, there is no way to type the Third Party name to have it find the correct entry. When you hit the first character in the name, it will jump to the first entry that starts with that character. When you hit the second character, it will move to the entry after the one selected by the first character, and so on.

For example if your list is displayed like this in the column,

Air Supply Inc.
Arthur Andersen

As you start to type Amazon, the first a lands you on Air Supply Inc., the second character M, selects Marigold, the third character a selects Arthur Andersen. When you have multiple hundreds or thousands of third parties, it becomes impossible to find the right entry.

Please either add alphabetization or better yet, a selection text box that fills in as you type from the list of third parties.

hello - the new template should give us the opportunity to work on this details once is published , thanks for letting us know!