Bug - Cron file never runs


I recently installed the version 3.23.2 and encountered an issue where the Cron worker seems to be non-functional. To test if Cron was operational, I edited the file /etc/cron.d/eramba-crontab with a simple command intended to verify Cron’s activity. Unfortunately, it appears that Cron is not executing the tasks as expected.

Upon listing the running processes, I observed that cron -f is indeed running. However, despite this, the expected functionality is not observed.

Below are the commands I used for troubleshooting and their respective outputs for reference:

  1. List files in /etc/cron.d/:
root@cron-7fbf6b758f-kg8wb:/etc/cron.d# ls -lh
total 4.0K
-rwxrwx--x 1 root root 50 Mar 28 11:16 eramba-crontab
  1. Contents of the crontab file:
root@cron-7fbf6b758f-kg8wb:/etc/cron.d# cat eramba-crontab 
* * * * * root echo `date +%s` > /root/testecron

  1. Cron process:
root@cron-7fbf6b758f-kg8wb:/etc/cron.d# ps axu | grep cron
root        1082  0.0  0.0   3600  2380 ?        S    Mar27   0:00 cron -f
root        5759  0.0  0.0   3324  1476 pts/1    S+   11:18   0:00 grep cron
  1. Cron logs (empty):
root@cron-7fbf6b758f-kg8wb:/etc/cron.d# ls -lh /var/log/cron.log 
-rw-r--r-- 1 www-data www-data 0 Mar 18 06:29 /var/log/cron.log

Has anyone experienced a similar problem or can offer guidance on how to resolve this issue?