Bug: Docker TLS and Apache settings from Install Learning

Docker Install learning Episode 1 - Docker Installation

The TLS and Apache settings section states

Blockquote By default, eramba has a self-signed certificate and runs on port 8443 (Encrypted). If you want to use your certificates or tweak the Apache configuration, you need to replace the following files:

  • /apache/ssl/mycert.crt
  • /apache/ssl/mycert.key
  • /apache/vhost.conf

The vhost.conf file is not correct. It should be vhost-ssl.conf.

I do not know what the intent of this section is, but it seems that it could use a little clarification. For example, if you use your own certs and name them mycert.crt and mycert.key then no modification to the vhost-ssl is needed. If you use your own cert names, then I think you will need to edit not only the vhost-ssl.conf but also the docker-compose.simple-install.yml file as this has copy directives for specific files.

I think putting the cert and key names in the .env file may not be a bad idea.


Thanks for the suggestion. I corrected the documentation.
For now, we won’t be including cert files in .env file.