Bug - double menu ribbon in Internet Explorer (Closed)


I have just recognised that in some special cases the menu ribbon is shown twice in Internet Explorer (11) and loading infinitely, this doesn’t happen in Chrome for example.

It occurs when a subwindow is opened and closed again, e.g. editing a maintenance in the security services catalogue.

The upper menu bar seems to be loading infinitely and is not loading, the lower one is working, If you then select a menu the upper “false” bar disappears and everything is fine.

No blocking or urgent issue in my opinion, I’m using Chrome for 95 % anyway. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delay!!

We dont test eramba against anything other than Chrome (Firefox and Safari typically operate similarly and work well) … so IE is really not supported.

Thanks for the feedback!

If you are using IE11 Microsoft is now pushing for Edge. So far I have found Eramba working well in Edge in our environment.

Would you please put a warning banner on eramba if someone is using IE to inform users it is not supported and to use a modern browser. I try to tell users, but they don’t pay attention to details in emails and its wack-a-mole trying to field all the problems. I expect this to be a bigger problem for anyone using the Online Assessments where they have even less control over user’s configurations.