Bug - Duplicate Users After Migration from 2.8.2 to 3.21.1

Migration from Eramba Community 2.8.2 (Db schema c2.8.2) to Docker install:

App Version

DB Schema Version

Across all module and in all fields that had a user assigned e.g. Owner, Guardian, Reviewer, etc. now show two duplicates e.g.

Owner: Foo Bar (User), Foo Bar (User), Foo Bar (User)

This also shows up in CSV exports of pages.

However, in the edit view there is no duplication. The only way to get rid of those two duplicates in the page views and CSV exports is to assign a different user or group and then re-assign to the original user.

This behaviour does not occur where groups have been assigned.


Please try to run this command from eramba/app/upgrade folder.
bin/cake user_fields sync_objects