Bug - dynamic status on audit section

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I have updated Eramba yesterday and there were 2 updates/hotfixes available. After installing both successfully I now realize there seems to be a display problem after these 2 updates/hotfixes.

When visiting “Internal Controls” all are show as OK or Last Audit Failed, none is shown as Expired. A few days ago I made screenshots for a presentation with all expired ones. But if I click on details and look at the Audits of ones I know from my old screenshot are expired, I do see them as Expired.

From my screenshot a few days ago:


I’ve noticed this as well (along with a number of the other System statuses).

Root cause could be that the system status for expired maintenance has two conditions loaded into the “AND” side (but I can’t tell what) which is likely creating some sort of paradox for it.

I was able to create my own custom status for expired maint (select Internal Control Maintenance - Expired → is in the active status) and get that Status back (should be a short term fix). I suspect for any other missing Status, you can do a short term fix by recreating it as a custom status.

Looking at other “expired” rules (like audits), it appears two conditions are used → 1. Related Audit is Current AND 2. Related audit is expired in order to generate the Status. Could be a consideration when making the custom one…

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Yes, David is correct. We were changing the current status, and we introduced this error.

Int. ref.: https://github.com/eramba/eramba/issues/4005

Since I cannot access the linked issue I’d like to ask whether there’s been any progress on this? If not, do you have a rough estimate or roadmap when this is going to be handled?



Yes, it will be part of 3.19.0.