Release 3.19.0

On top of bug fixing this release brings you the following:

  • Account Reviews (Enterprise): brand new documentation at the learning portal, we included out-of-the-box connectors for AWS and LDAP so you can test accounts on those type of systems pretty quickly, no need for custom scripts. corrected minor bugs here and there.
  • Awareness Programs (Enterprise): brand new documentation, we identified a few things we want to improve on the module in the coming releases too.
  • Top Ten Risks (Enterprise and Community): we restored a “Top Ten Risk” chart in the Risk module and also included Risk Score values on the filters so you can sort by score or search risks with lower or higher risk score than, Etc.
  • Comments/Attachments (Enterprise): we wanted have a dynamic status that triggers if “John” provides a comment with the word “Approve”. This is used by some people to document approvals and send emails/API REST calls when the trigger.
  • Online Assessments (Enterprise): we updated the entire documentation, included a couple of same template questionnaires (for ISO and Privacy), included APIs and some minor bug fixing.
  • Project Management (Enterprise): we expanded APIs to the Project Section.
  • APIs now have Macros (Enterprise): you can now use macro’s on the body of your API calls.

Our next release we have the following plans in mind:

  • Templates: migrate to with a completely new interface. We are also working on expanding the existing templates to include the latest version of 27001.
  • User Interface: we will provide, to enterprise customers alone, an interface in eramba to use templates directly from eramba interface.




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