Bug - EBA risk report matrix fails when exporting as pdf

With the standard System Report - Item for all risks the PDF download of the report is not showing the risk status icons for Analysis and Treatment (Screenshots below):

System Report - Item

PDF download report

FYI, I have risk configured as:

The bug is also reproduced when creating a custom report.

If you are using EBA as a calculation method, having one impact type (in your case “impact”) makes no sense, the EBA method is used when you use multiple impact types (financial impact, reputational impact ,etc) against a single “liklelihood”


if you are using only one, then use just a simpler calculation: eramba multiplication.

the pdf still should produce the counter in the way you are doing it, but again , if you plan using one impact type and you havent got many risks (otherwise you’ll need to update all), change the calculation type.

ref: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/3268

The intention is indeed to use multiple impacts using the EBA method, but for now we are only using one while we load up the system with data.
Unfortunately the counter is not being reproduced in the PDF document download and like you say it should, so in my view this is still a bug and not related to the risk method used.

yes i agree with you, it is a bug and as you can see we booked it on the backlog

if you try adding another impact type (only do it if you dont have many risks created otherwise you will need to manually re-classify them all!!!) you also get the issue?

I have created another impact to test and the bug still exists:

PDF Report Download: